Welcome Rain to My Life (2012)

Welcome Rain to My Life (2012)


The series revolves around Han Dan Bi, a rude woman who was raised in a wealthy family. Her life becomes difficult after her father, a once-popular singer, meets with an accident that was planned by his wife. Dan Bi then finds out that she was adopted. Her stepmother takes advantage of her husband’s comatose state to kick Dan Bi out of their house, all in a plot to sell his land to the ruthless chairman of a hospital company. This revelation leads Dan Bi to begin searching for her birth mother by using her adoptive father’s will as leverage, not knowing that the truth about what happened to her birth father is directly tied to the chairman. She encounters several people along the way: the chairman’s grandson who falls for Dan Bi but is uncertain of the outcome if they became a couple; a divorced lawyer whom Dan Bi loves,

Other Name: Welcome Rain to My Life

Released: Feb. 04, 2012



Cast: N/A

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